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Jelly Splash
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Jelly Splash Description

Use logical thinking in this entertaining puzzle game developed by Wooga! Prove that you have what it takes to save Jelly Land from all evil forces. Make sure to evaluate every single move. But don’t worry: You can take your time!


Are you tired of quick-paced puzzle games that require fast timing, rash decisions, and quick thinking? Do they end up making you nervous? If you feel like we hit the nail on the head, you should definitely take a closer look at Jelly Splash, a mobile puzzle game developed by Wooga. Even if you don’t mind quick-paced gameplay, but still enjoy strategic puzzle games, you should also consider checking out Wooga’s app - especially considering that it’s completely for free.

In Jelly Splash, you will face hundreds of levels - each more challenging than the one before. If you think that this is just another Match-3 mobile game, you are wrong. The casual game features unique gameplay mechanics that are easy to understand. Each level has a field with many differently colored jellies. You have to connect jellies of the same color in a line by swiping over your touchscreen. The line can go horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. The only conditions are that you connect at least three jellies, that they are next to each other, and that they are of the same color. Connecting them will destroy them, allowing new jellies to fall down from the top of the level. Your goal is to complete the respective objectives and simultaneously collect as many points as possible by eliminating jellies.

Jelly Splash might not feature any kind of time limit, but it does force you to evaluate every move you make. There are more than six completely different game types, each with their own focus. Some of these require you to achieve at least a certain amount of points, others force you to finish a level in a certain amount of moves.

If you don’t plan on downloading the app on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, you can play the puzzle game on Facebook. Share your results with your friends and beat their high scores.

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