Island Castaway: Lost World
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Island Castaway: Lost World
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Island Castaway: Lost World Description

Fight for survival on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere! Wait for rescue, befriend the indigenous tribe, search for food, and explore the many mysteries of the island…


Robinson Crusoe was the first popular story that focused on a young man’s survival in an untouched and exotic wilderness. His creativity and adaptation to his situation was captivating. Since then, almost every young child finds themself dreaming of the adventures that would come in a situation like that. The motion picture Castaway reimagined Robinson Crusoe’s story in the 21st century and ABC’s hit show Lost put a mysterious twist on this idea. While it is entertaining to read novels and watch movies that deal with this theme, no medium can quite convey the excitement and sense of adventure in the same manner as video games. Nowadays, it is easier than ever to experience being lost on a desolate island thanks to mobile games such as Island Castaway: Lost World.

You can regard the free-to-play game by G5 Entertainment (The Secret Society) as a mix between Robinson Crusoe and Lost. You and a group of other survivors are castaway on a tropical island. Quickly you become the leader of the group making sure that each person is kept safe, dry, and well-fed. While you start out searching for food on the island, it soon becomes clear that you will have to establish a fish farm, a quail farm, and crab farm to provide enough food for everyone. This gives you more time to further explore the island and make sure that your relationship with the indigenous people remains peaceful. They are a source of information on how to cook local cuisine and make even better use of the land.

Island Castaway: Lost World puts the survival in survival games! Not only will you be able to explore a vast island on your mobile device, but you will be able to complete more than 830 challenging quests. There are more than 30 characters to meet and interact with as well as countless types of resources to prep and store. And then there are the mysterious, dark secrets surrounding the island...

Island Castaway: Lost World Screenshots

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