Iron Grip: Marauders
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Iron Grip: Marauders
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Iron Grip: Marauders Description

Take to the skies in your very own airship in this free-to-play browser game. Conquer the world as the captain of an army in order to become the most infamous marauder of all time...


Iron Grip: Marauders is a browser-based strategy game where you must create a marauder army and must crush others who would challenge your command. Play against thousands of others or take on the A.I. in real time with 3D graphics.

Starting with just one area to build and no structures, you must create a home-base in Iron Grip: Marauders. Once you have built your defenses and recruited troops, you will then need to start collecting resources. For these are very important to a marauder captain.

Without resources, it will be difficult for you to succeed in Iron Grip: Marauders. By utilizing a user-friendly interface, you can build structures that will gather these resources for you. Be careful in how many structures you build as you have a population limit. With each building or unit recruited, you will use more of the available population.

Go head-to-head with players or the A.I. in fast-paced, real time battles. Control your troops and move them across the battlefield while enjoying the modern, 3D graphics. Simple controls for your units allow you to maintain focus on the battle and not get slowed down by complex combinations of keystrokes and clicking.

By completing missions, you will gain experience. Through the gaining of experience, you will be able to level up and recruit more officers. You can build more than one base in Iron Grip: Marauders, but each base needs an officer to run it.

Research new weapons and technology to gain an edge on those who wish to defeat you in Iron Grip: Marauders. You can recruit more engineers to speed up the process of research and recruitment. There is also a queue available for you to use, allowing up to 5 units or items to be lined up behind one another so that you do not have to constantly focus on one detail of your home base.

Being a marauder captain is no easy task and you will need to use your strategy in order to outwit the competition. Build an army, research new technologies and create a solid defense for your base to defeat other players and the A.I. to top the League of Masters.

by Kyle Hayth

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