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Invasion Description

The world lies in shambles and survivors of the apocalypse need a strong leader to look up to. Does that sound like a job for you? If so, download the app and join thousands of other players online in strategy battles that will change history forever...


The year is 2020. The world as we know it no longer exists and you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic state, fighting for survival and struggling to live another day. Resources have become scarce and it’s up to you to start a new empire from scratch. The government has been destroyed and only a handful of humans have lived through the terror. This is your chance to rise to the top and prove that you were born a natural leader! War Zone: World of Rivals is a competitive strategy game that is available on iOS and Android mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets, allowing you to play while on the go and make strategic decisions on the fly.

You have two choices in Invasion. Either stay on your own and power through any assault headed your way by stocking up on resources, or join an alliance and have other players help you out in times of trouble. Not every gamer is a potential threat in this strategy mobile game. Some just want to join forces and conquer the world together! At the end of the day what counts is how much territory is under your control - and if that can be increased by teamwork, then more power to you! Combat in this free app takes place in real-time, so you will know immediately how battles turn out after you send troops to attack nearby encampments.

What’s really important in the game previously known as War Zone: World of Rivals is keeping tabs on enemies. Knowing their strategy is the first step to victory. The more information you gather on opponents, the easier it will be to prepare for battle and erase them from the battlefield completely. Nuke their base, send in units and then steal whatever resources they have left. That’s the way of a true commander! The strategy app brought to you by Tap4Fun (Spartan Wars) is free-to-play and requires a stable internet connection. How else would you keep in touch with allies and discuss the latest battle plans?

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