Inside Out Thought Bubbles
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Inside Out Thought Bubbles
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Inside Out Thought Bubbles Description

It’s getting emotional! The mobile game based on Pixar’s and Disney’s motion picture Inside Out is all about emotions and feelings!


Growing up can be hard. We all remember the random mood swings, the unexpected bursts of emotions, and the irrational thoughts and feelings we had as a teenager. Pixar’s latest animated motion picture reimagines what goes on in a teenager’s brain during her day to day activities. Set in the mind of 11-year old Riley, Inside Out focuses on her five personified emotions – Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. Moving from Minnesota to San Francisco, Riley is removed from her home town making her emotions go wild. Luckily, you have the chance to improve Riley’s daily feelings in the mobile game of the same name.

Pop the Bubbles

The creators of Frozen Free Fall bring you this colorful bubble shooter based on Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out. Instead of matching tiles, your goal is to pop bubbles. You shoot a bubble from the bottom of the screen to the top, aiming for another bubble of the same color. This results in all adjoining bubbles of the same color to pop. Naturally, this simple task gets more and more difficult the further you progress. Especially since the amount of moves you have in each level is limited. Every move has to be calculated.

Five Emotions as Power-Ups

Of course, the five emotions that star in the movie also play a major role in the puzzle game. Each of them brings a special power-up to the mobile game. Joy creates a sunburst, Sadness lets rain pour, Anger fires a fireball, etc. Just be prepared that obstacles lie ahead, including Brain Freezes that make your progression quite difficult.

Inside Out: Thought Bubbles featured more than 125 levels at the time of its release. Regular game updates constantly increase that number. More than four different game types await players in this mobile game. It is available for free for Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, and Windows Phones.

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