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Infinity Wars
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Infinity Wars Description

Being an avid card gamer in the digital world is getting easier and easier: Participating in heated battles only requires you to log on and make good use of the minions, spells and curses you are dealt. Are you ready to fight and protect your honor?


Long gone are the days of only having physical card games to satisfy your strategy needs. Nowadays, new online (and often free-to-play) titles that focus on making decks and using cards to destroy your opponent are really popular. It comes as no surprise that Infinity Wars was able to generate enough money on Kickstarter to be turned into a real digital TCG. What does this particular game have that sets it apart from other contenders on the market? Animated battle cards and simultaneous player turns, just to name a few things. This means that when it's your turn to play, it is no longer safe to thoroughly think about your every move. Instead, you need to be quick on your feet and swiftly come up with efficient ways to take down enemy targets without losing too many of your minions.

The most important thing about Infinity Wars is having decks that can deal with anything opponents throw at you. How can you get your hands on new cards, though? Either by playing the online game and unlocking certain milestones or trading with other players. If all else fails, you can always fall back on booster packs and spend real cash to fill up your collection. When coming up with a new deck, it’s always wise to keep in mind that there are different factions to choose from.

Each and every faction brings unique advantages to the table: While Warpath uses brute strength and a wide array of offensive cards to ensure victory, Genesis Industries focus on utility, support and synergies. That means that having just one card to play doesn’t really change the course of the game. Playing three or four cards that give each other bonus attributes, however, will quickly overwhelm the other player. This free-to-play card game allows you to challenge other players to a duel of death. You can not only go up against other people in friendly competitions, but also participate in tournaments that will prove who’s the best at handling the cards they are dealt.

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