Infinitum: Battle for Europe
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Infinitum: Battle for Europe
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Infinitum: Battle for Europe Description

Battle for territory in Europe with your allies in the revolutionary browser game, Infinitum: Battle for Europe.


This unique real-time-strategy game will change the way you see MMO browser games. Infinitum: Battle for Europe puts up to 10,000 players on the same map, waging war over 15,000 real cities. The entire map is geographically accurate, so you could even find your home town or favorite holiday destination. Allodium indie game studio, the very same that brought you the original Infinitum, set out to make a real-time-strategy game with a difference. They did not want to make another game that was just a bunch of menus and resource collecting, like a number of browser based strategy games, and they have achieved it with their latest release.

Realistic economies and accurate maps.

Fans of the Civilization series and The Settlers Online will enjoy Infinitum: Battle for Europe. There are a number of points that set this free-to-play RTS apart from the competition.

  • Complex economies allow you to specialize in collecting one of the 5 different types of resource on the map.
  • Form alliances with friends, and control their units while they are AFK, making sure that your allies stay safe.
  • 150,000 real cities, with real time movement to travel between them.
  • Share resources and specialize to benefit your alliance the most.
  • Maneuver your armies to outflank the opponent in realistic battles.

PvE and PvP content!

Allodium has included the option to battle both player and computer controlled armies and factions in their latest strategy game. You can encounter NPC camps and units around the map to help you hone your skills before you take to the battlefield with a living player. This also crucial to the story, and the developer has cleverly intertwined both PvP and PvE content, all topped off with stunning visuals and graphics for a free-to-play browser game.

Grab some friends and take to the battlefields of Europe in Infinitum: Battle for Europe!

Infinitum: Battle for Europe Screenshots

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