Infinite Flight Simulator
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Infinite Flight Simulator
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Infinite Flight Simulator Description

Take a seat behind the wheel of a jumbo jet and start your career in aviation in this free-to-play flight simulation game, which invites you to fly a wide selection of modern day airplanes.


There are over 35 aircraft that you can fly in Infinite Flight, all of which have been rendered and designed to replicate real airplanes with a high degree of accuracy. The flight mechanics, the graphics, and the controls will give you a close representation of flying an actual plane, even though the smaller screens of your iPhone and iPad. Fly anything from commercial jets, like the Boeing 737, which most will recognize as your typical commercial aircraft, to the smaller and more nimble Cirrus Jet, a fun plane that can do acrobatic maneuvers, loops, and tricks.

Infinite Flight Simulator, which is similar to X-Plane 10 and Flight Simulator Airplane 3D, allows you to play with many other aspiring pilots in multiplayer mode. Here you can join events and fly as part of a team, with sometimes hundreds of other aircraft, all flying in unison. Other such events might introduce a new aircraft, such as the Space Shuttle carrier, where NASA’s space shuttle is mounted upon the back of an extensively modified Boeing jet.

Using advanced mapping systems which replicate that of a real commercial aircraft, you can takeoff and land in major city airports throughout the world. If you are a frequent flyer you may recognize some of the airports, as their taxi system, runway, and layout are a precisely scaled version of the real thing! You can also plan your flight using the planning feature and logbook, so that you know the routes of your flight and the expected takeoff and landings times and dates.
If you are new to flying, don’t panic, there are plenty of introductory tutorials to get you started - including takeoff and landing lessons, which let's face it, are probably the most essential lessons you are likely to learn about flying.

This simulator game is free to download and play and is available for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.

Infinite Flight Simulator Screenshots

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