Infinite Crisis
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Infinite Crisis
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Infinite Crisis Description

Dive head-first into a massive adventure in a world full of scrupulous characters. Batman is totally yesterday – today, his spirit lives on as Nightmare Batman, as well as many other DC stars which are available to you…


The free-to-play MOBA title is jam-packed with DC comic heroes and villains. Characters from the 52 various DC worlds are just waiting for you to get to know them. Along with Nightmare and Gaslight Batman, you will find Gaslight Joker, Zatanna, Shazam, Green Lantern and many more to join in the action. Every champion has their own individual skills and abilities that make them a force to reckon with on the battlefield. It is up to you to find a character that best fits your play style and master the skills. Feel like protecting your friends? Then slip into the role of a support character and buff, heal and enhance your friends on the battlefield. Absorbing damage sounds like a fun time to you? We recommend looking into more tanky superheroes or villains, then.

Choose your favorite comic book protagonist and jump head first in the adventure that is the free-to-play MOBA game, Infinite Crisis. In this online game, you will not only fight against opposing teams, but you will have to show that you have mastered the skills of each individual DC character in the arena. Here, you will face an entirely different set of challenges. Every now and again, a Catastrophe Event may take place in which the entire map will be flipped on its head. Then it is up to you to come out of the arena alive. Again, this is up to you being able to use your skills and employ the right strategy if you wish to make it out alive.

In Infinite Crisis, you never have the opportunity to just sit around and be lazy. This MOBA not only gives you the chance to become iconic DC characters, but also fight against them in fast-paced action battles. Epic duels will ensue once you step inside the arena, so be prepared to work together with your team and score as many takedowns as possible! Every game mode has different objectives - complete them all and you will be crowned with success!

Infinite Crisis Screenshots

Infinite Crisis Screenshot-0Infinite Crisis Screenshot-1Infinite Crisis Screenshot-2Infinite Crisis Screenshot-3Infinite Crisis Screenshot-4Infinite Crisis Screenshot-5Infinite Crisis Screenshot-6Infinite Crisis Screenshot-7Infinite Crisis Screenshot-8Infinite Crisis Screenshot-9Infinite Crisis Screenshot-10Infinite Crisis Screenshot-11Infinite Crisis Screenshot-12Infinite Crisis Screenshot-13Infinite Crisis Screenshot-14Infinite Crisis Screenshot-15Infinite Crisis Screenshot-16Infinite Crisis Screenshot-17Infinite Crisis Screenshot-18Infinite Crisis Screenshot-19Infinite Crisis Screenshot-20Infinite Crisis Screenshot-21

Infinite Crisis Videos

Infinite Crisis News

  • Infinite Crisis: The Bat-Signal Is Turning Off

    06/03/2015 11:37 am - And another MOBA bites the dust. The story of Infinite Crisis is nearing its end according to an official announcement on Steam. It seems as though iconic characters including Batman, the Joker, or Superman just weren’t enough to compete against hou...more

  • Infinite Crisis: March Update Introduces New Character

    03/05/2015 06:40 am - The March update has hit the servers and fans of this free-to-play title are in for a treat! Infinite Crisis is a intense MOBA game based on the DC Universe where players choose a champion with which to battle in an arena against other players online...more

  • Infinite Crisis: Arcane Supergirl to Join on November 26th

    11/13/2014 08:58 am - Adamant about exacting revenge on the villains that murdered her mother and destroyed her home, this new champion is on her way to enter the Infinite Crisis battlefield on November 26th. In just a few days, players of the free-to-play MOBA will be...more

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