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Inferno Legend
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Inferno Legend Description

Forget holy paladins and righteous heroes! In this download game, villains have taken over the dark realms of fantasy and are wreaking havoc. Play as a ghoulish creature and call upon evil spirits to aid you in battle in this free-to-play online title.


Year after year the gaming industry pushes out new titles that let you slip into the role of a hero. Your character is usually the one every puts their hope into, the one that everyone is rooting for. Do you ever get tired of being the chosen one? Then check out Inferno Legend! This free-to-play MMORPG allows you be the villain for a change. Your missions will no longer only revolve around saving innocent people and helping others survive another day. Now is the time to unleash your inner monster and show everyone what you’re capable of in this client-based online game.

Five classes have currently been announced for Inferno Legend. While the Mummy is an ancient being that falls back on Egyptian lore to defeat its enemies, both the Cyclops and the Samurai are resilient creatures of the dark that know how to dish out massive damage against single targets. If you prefer taking down more than just enemy at a time, take a closer look at the Vampire. The sultry seductress puts her sword-fighting skills to good use while conjuring up dark magic to aid her friends in battle. Last but not least we have the Faerie who controls elemental powers to protect allied players from harm and ward off lethal attacks.

As you make your way through the online MMORPG, you will notice an abundance of missions, some of which can be repeated on a daily basis. In Inferno Legend, there are several ways for you to collect new items, gather experience points and unlock new skills. While completing quests and focusing at the task at hand is surely the quickest way to advance your character, you can also choose to embark on a journey through the wilderness. Exploring ancient libraries and paying a visit to strongholds all over the fantasy world will bring your bloodthirsty champion to new heights and allow you to collect souls along the way. These can be used to summon so-called Dark Servitors - loyal companions such as the Skeleton Warrior, Maneater or Crab Soldier that will follow you through thick and thin.

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