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Indy Cat
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Indy Cat Description

A certain archeologist needs your help in chasing down the ball of fate. Join the adventure game online and give dozens of unique puzzles your best try! Unleash rainbow fireworks and share your success on Facebook in this match-3 browser game...


Most match-3 games feature similar gameplay mechanics. They are all built upon one simple concept: Find three or more symbols of the same type, connect them and watch them disappear from the board. Rinse and repeat! While some puzzle games will have you chop up cooking ingredients to prepare a delicious dish (see Tasty Tale), others are based on ice crystals that need to be melted in order to save a fantasy universe (see Frozen Free Fall). Then you have Indy Cat, a browser game brought to you by Plinga that has everything a nerdy gamer could want: challenging missions, a legendary hero and cats. So many cats!

The casual online game sends you on a journey through dozens of unique levels, all following the goal of finding the ball of fate. To advance you will have to master match-3 puzzles that get increasingly more difficult as you level up. A short and sweet tutorial shows you everything there is to know about Indy Cat - including how to unleash combos and complete bonus objectives no matter how tricky they are. Take shells for instance: This particular game mechanic asks you to clear the board of obstacles before venturing on to new missions. Find a way to uncover the secrets of special power-ups in this browser-based title and be rewarded not only with a surge of points that will increase your overall highscore, but also celebratory meows and encouraging purrs.

If you find yourself in a rut while playing Indy Cat, that’s nothing to be ashamed about. Everyone gets stuck sometimes! Thankfully, Plinga offers many ways to keep you going. Special talents and extra lives are only the beginning - you just wait until the feline version of Indiana Jones whips out his... well, whip and shatters crystals that are in the way of big combos. Keep in mind that for each and every level in this match-3 game, you only have a set of moves to go on. Once you run out, you will have to start from scratch and give the level another try.

Indy Cat Screenshots

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