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Indomitus Description

The world is torn by conflict and you must rise to the challenge of leading your own empire to its ultimate glory. Unite the lands under your banner in this free-to-play MMORTS...


Indomitus is a free-to-play browser-based MMORTS that challenges players to become the most powerful warlord in the realm by creating armies and defeating their enemies. Featuring some RPG elements such as development of heroes, you have nearly limitless ways which you can bring the land under your control.

A unique feature of Indomitus is the large-scale city battles that take places with thousands of players from around the world. Cities are shared by all members of a tribe, not just a guild or a single person. This means that there are a large number of players of the same faction located within the same location. You must work together with other players and deploy millions of troops to bring these fortresses down. The largest of these battles could last hours on end and result in you losing your forces, so attack wisely.

As you begin to build up your empire in Indomitus, you will need a hero to lead your troops. You will be able to side with and fight with some of history’s greatest heroes. By defeating your enemies and claiming more territory, you will be able to gain experience and progress. This lets you unlock special abilities for your heroes and give them bonuses as they lead your troops into battle.

If you wish to see your heroes fight without an army at their back, you can participate in the Arena Battle in Indomitus. Here you will go one on one with other heroes but without the risk of losing your troops. You see, this is more of a training ground which lets you hone your skills as a commander without the repercussions you would face in a real battle.

Train hard, master your armies and sweep across the land to claim it for your tribe in Indomitus. Only with strong heroes and sound tactics will you be able to defeat your enemies and revel in the fame.

by Kyle Hayth

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