Incoming: New Mobile Tower Defense now in Closed Beta

05/19/2014 08:46 am by Anna Radak in NewsTower DefenseFantasy

From the German developer and publisher Xyrality comes a new mobile game that goes by the name of Incoming, a free-to-play tower defense for both iOS and Android phones and tablets. More than 160 unique challenges await you and will put you in a race against the clock: Can you fight off dozens of fantastical and undead creatures before they reach your base? Collect resources, take down enemy units and complete challenges to upgrade your towers and increase your defenses.
Incoming! is currently in its closed beta testing. If you want to participate, show everyone that you have what it takes to protect your towers, and also help the game studio polish the game before its eventual release, feel free to head on over to the official game homepage by clicking the green button below. There’s currently no NDA to keep you from streaming or uploading gameplay of the free tower defense, so feel free to share your thoughts online.
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