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Join other players on their journey through various levels and prove to them that you have the right battle tactics to face even the toughest of challenges in this free-to-play tower defense. Just fire up your mobile phone and off you go...


The concept behind tower defenses is pretty simple: Build structures to keep enemy units from reaching the core of your base while making sure to always have enough resources to further expand your territory. In Incoming, you are asked to do just that and follow other players on their free-to-play journey through dozens of unique levels, one more difficult than the last. Don’t worry about having to start from the very beginning once you mess up, as this mobile game allows you to repeat individual levels without having to scrap previous progress. Are you ready to face monsters while on the go?

Goblins, orcs and imps: Many creatures are waiting to tear down your defenses and raid your stronghold. Will you have enough firepower to ward them off? The moment you sign up an account and download the Incoming! tower defense from either iTunes or the Google Play Store for free, you are asked to jump inside a mobile fantasy world that features 3D graphics. Nothing can stop you from playing through different challenges, except maybe tough boss monsters. Your regular towers will most likely have a hard time sniping down tough undead brutes, so make sure to always have a combination of different defense structures up in your base. While pansy goblins are easy to get rid of in this free-to-play game, golems and necromancers will pose a serious threat to your kingdom.

The key to shooting down even the most difficult monster type before they reach your base is to upgrade your towers. Spending resources on enhancing their power is certainly worth it in this tower defense, as each upgrade will increase their damage, speed and maybe even splash radius. If you find yourself in a pickle while playing Incoming! on your iOS or Android mobile device, remember this: Magical items are a quick and easy way to either unleash devastating spells on enemy targets, freeze them in place or stop them from storming your headquarters once and for all.

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