Imperium Galactic War
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Imperium Galactic War
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Imperium Galactic War Description

The galaxy is at war and it is up to you to pick a side and lead your troops to victory. Only with a good strategy and the right tactics will you be able to achieve this mighty task…


The Maelstrom galaxy is in the midst of a heated war and there are three different factions bent on defeating the other two and having their ideals prevail. Whether this way is done through peace, glory and conquest or power and chaos, it will take all of your skill to make sure you secure the victory for your faction. However, there is one more enemy that you may not have calculated into your strategies – the mighty Imperium that lurks on the borders of your empire, just waiting to strike.

Once you have decided for which faction you will fight, it is time to begin building your fleet. There are nearly countless ships that you can choose to construct in the free-o-play strategy game. You have the choices to build your fleet just the way you want, but make sure to always have your strategy in mind. A well-balanced fleet could mean the difference between victory and defeat – it is not always about the numbers.

Naturally, you will have to have some sort of headquarters where you base your operations out of. This is known as a Starbase in Imperium Galactic War. Much like your mighty fleets, you can upgrade your powerful fortress to ensure your survival.

Because the battles take place in real-time, there is no time for you to sit around and twiddle your thumbs in the heat of battle. You will have to have your strategy planned out in advance and be ready to change it at a moment’s notice. Your enemies will also have their own ideas and tactics, but if you master the ships in your fleet, you can turn it into a harmonious armada of destruction that will leave nothing but burning hulls behind in space.

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