Imperion: New Version of Strategy Game Going Into Closed Beta

03/16/2011 05:27 am in News

The Closed Beta testing phase for the browser game, Imperion, is finally underway and you can sign up now to participate. Online games publisher, TravianGames, has released a username and password combination that anyone and everyone can use to log in and experience Imperion!


Although somewhat limited features and content, the Closed Beta testing phase for the free-to-play strategy browser game, Imperion, has begun. Right now, you can sign up to participate in the Closed Beta by registering on the game’s homepage.

(User name and password have been removed upon consultation with TravianGames)

TravianGames also stated, being a Closed Beta test, there are going to be limited features and functionality. At the moment, there are no tutorial or extensive help functions, but they are planning to add that in the near future.

Imperion is a free-to-play strategy game that puts right into the fight for control of the known universe. As one of three races, the Xen , Terran or the Titans, you will have to vie for control and eliminate your enemies through conquering and invasion. If you can do this, then you will ensure your place in the annals of history.

Source: Game homepage
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