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Imperial Hero
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Play Imperial Hero and Become a Hero

In Imperial Hero, you build your city and adventure out into the wilderness to complete quests and increase the power of your mighty hero...


Imperial Hero is a free-to-play browser role-playing game which puts you in the shoes of a hero leading a kingdom to greatness. Your hero is fully customizable and you can choose from three classes in which to specialize in combat. Decide what your hero will look like and even select the color of your armor.

Customize and Become a True Hero in Imperial Hero

You will be in charge of your own kingdom in Imperial Hero. As you know, all things have to start somewhere, and your kingdom is actually a small town at first. You must govern it and expand it while making sure that it is well defended from dangers that lie around you. You can recruit more soldiers at the tavern or go to the arena and participate in PvP.

Heading out into the wilderness will present you with many surprises in Imperial Hero. As you view the large map, you will see certain dungeons and areas that you can explore. Though the journey may take some time, the rewards that you could find are well worth it.

Imperial Hero not only allows you to customize your character in the beginning, but you will also be able to upgrade their equipment as you advance in the game. Finding weapons and armor, you can supplement the ever more powerful statistics of your hero.

Numerous Quests to Collect Loot and Level Up

Go on quests in Imperial Hero to receive experience and level up. Doing so will increase your hero’s ability to fight and be victorious in combat. This is very important when going to the arena to take on other players in PvP.

Choose your hero and lead your kingdom to victory. Venture across the land completing quests and defeating fearsome foes in intense battles. Take on thousands of other players in PvP combat and prove that your hero is the best of them all in free-to-play RPG, Imperial Hero.

Imperial Hero is available in the browser of your choice. Register an account and delve into the free medieval world.

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