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Imperia Online
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Imperia Online Description

This strategy game is not only about gathering resources and setting up new buildings. Here, you get to discover new technologies, threaten other players and loot neutral camps in order to rise to fame and glory. Climbing to the top requires dedication...


Achievements, quests and new territory to conquer - there are plenty of things for you to do in Imperia Online, but before you get to expand your kingdom and take over the strategy game one village after the next, you have to start from scratch. Thankfully, a wise old man is waiting to help you out and show you the first steps in becoming a successful emperor. If you want to see your base grow, you will have to start collecting resources right away. Without the right materials, there's nothing you can do to protect yourself against enemy attacks. You need iron, stone and lumber not only to construct buildings and research new technologies, but also to upgrade your troops. Gold is also necessary for economic growth and can only be gathered by forcing your townsfolk to pay taxes.

The more farms you build, the more room you have for citizens. Use their manpower to your advantage! While you are busy coming up with new tactics and pondering potential alliances, they are the ones getting their hands dirty for you. Feel free to send out spies before launching an attack on enemy strongholds: This will give you a rough estimate on how big your opponent's army is and how much there is to loot. Is it worth attacking? Do you have enough power to take down the defenses? Then go for it and cross your fingers! If you ever seem to be lacking certain resources or feel threatened by someone in Imperia Online, make sure to reach out to friends or nearby players.

Imperia Online is available for either the browser of your choice or for iOS and Android devices. Also, the Windows Phone. That gives you the opportunity to read battle reports and keep a close eye on your resources while on the go. Just imagine being in the middle of medieval warfare in this free-to-play title: Logging onto your phone and checking on your troops at any given time has never been easier!

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