Ice Age Online: Collect Resources Around Your Camp!

07/13/2012 06:28 am by Kyle Hayth in Tips & TricksBrowser GamesRPG

When you jump into the 2-D adventure mode in Ice Age Online on the hunt for food and resources, your friends wait on your return. Every couple of hours, you can pick up special gifts from them which should not be underestimated in how helpful they are to the herd. To get the best of these bonuses, there are a couple things you should know…

Tight-Knit Community Is a Good Thing

You will receive the wonderful gifts and surprises on a regular basis – from every animal. A countdown in the lower corner will show you when you will have the next chance to the get special resources or extra acorns. Make sure to check regularly!

A Full Stomach Makes for Big Friends

Another factor that influences the bonuses is how hungry your friends are. Depending on how empty the stomachs of your heroic friends are, they may not be ready to jump in and get you that next round of goodies. There are three different levels of hunger – green, yellow and red. If you don’t feed your friends at all, they will be in the red area. If they are somewhat or completely full, they will show the yellow or green level. That means in the green or yellow zone, you have the chance to earn useful and valuable items. Important: There is no guarantee! Even totally stuffed and happy animals can end up bringing back items from the “red” area. What item is brought back is completely random.

A Roof Over Your Head Means A Lot

Additionally, you have the opportunity to improve the dwellings of your herd friends in Ice Age Online. What resources are necessary to do so can be seen when we hover over each creature. Build caves, cliffs and a tree and pretty soon the entire list of bonuses will change. With a completely upgraded place to call home, even the lowliest of rewards (red) are quite nice!
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