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I Am Ninja
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I Am Ninja Description

Slip into the role of Naruto and lead your friends to victory in this browser game. Simply sign up, choose a character, and be on your way through anime lands that hold secrets. Time for you to channel your inner ninja and move up in the world...


There’s a good percentage of both boys and girls that hope to grow up a stealthy assassin clearing the world of all evil with their magical powers. The aptly named I Am Ninja helps you turn that dream into reality by giving you access to a wide array of different ninjas to choose from. Right at the very beginning of this roleplaying browser game you will notice that there are many different warriors waiting for you, ready to charge into battle and fight the good fight. Which one will you pick to start with? Three main classes are available: While the Taijutsu utilize raw power to get their point across, those following the disciples of Ninjutsu rely on brute force to survive. What about Genjutsu, you ask? They infuse their fists with chakra to not only live to see another day, but also take out their foes.

You venture out into the open world of I Am Ninja, looking to invite other people to join your adventure. Keep your eyes open for new items with which you can gear up your character and prepare for battle, as the Nine-tailed Demon Fox could be lurking behind every corner of the free anime game. It won’t take long before you get to put together your very own ninja team and show other players that you mean business. For every quest you complete and mission you accomplish, all of your characters gain experience points. These will help you level up and rapidly increase your strength, defense and attack.

Anime fans will realize that this free-to-play title resembles the Naruto franchise. Bingo! The main background story behind I Am Ninja is based off of the blonde ninja and his journey through friendship, love and betrayal. As you meet other players and forge new relationships with other ninjas, you will probably stumble upon guilds. We recommend joining an alliance that you feel comfortable with so that you will never have to be alone when playing the MMORPG online.

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