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Human Age
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Human Age Description

Experience the historical evolution of mankind from the Stone Age to the Ancient World and finally to modernity. With each level you learn more about the human race...


The game title hits the nail right on the head. In Human Age, you play level after level and travel through the history of mankind. Starting in the Stone Age, you must first learn how to make fire. After all, only the possession of fire ensures a warm cave in winter.

Early in the browser game Human Age you become friends with other players. You are dependent on each other because most likely no mammoth was ever killed with just one spear.

Together with your friends you fight your way to the next levels through the exciting Neolithic period, during which mankind started to settle down. You discover the art of blacksmithing which enables you to enter the levels three and four.

Continue up to the Greeks where the web game development is, unfortunately, not yet advanced. Soon, however, all subsequent stages will be playable - up to the present. Human Age is not just about the discovery of technologies, but also about the search for virtual personal happiness. As a player you are looking for a woman or a man to ensure you have a little troop of descendants. To make sure your family is always adequately supplied, you should use your goods wisely and try to find good jobs that guarantee a reasonable payment. That's the only way to survive on your time jouney.

In Human Age, you will experience life in two dimensions. One is the historical, the other personal. Become part of the adventure. One of the first challenges for you will be a fully grown T-Rex: try to kill it and drag it into your cave.

by Kyle Hayth

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