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Howrse Description

This adventurous game is for horse-lovers big and small, young and old. Breed, take care of, and train your horses and manage your own equestrian center in this fun browser game...


You start the browser game Howrse by receiving your very first adorable pony. Train, feed and look after your fuzzy companion and watch it grow. By providing this attentive care, your foal will become a fully-grown strong and healthy horse, ready to be entered in exciting competitions. Strive to have the strongest, fastest and happiest horses of all the equestrian centers and ultimately earn envious looks from fellow online gamers.

As you win competitions in Howrse you rise up the ranks to be acknowledged as the finest and best breeder there is. You can focus on either just one horse, of own a whole stable to breed and train in the browser-based game Howrse. Set up a strict training regime to increase the skills and abilities of your ponies and horses.

In the animal game Howrse you build your equestrian center from scratch, constructing everything from the meadows to the stables. It is important to manage all aspects of the center, including the employment of hard-working staff to keep things running smoothly. Set up a lodging quarter for breeder’s horses, and run prestigious competitions in order to show off your prized horses. Strive to have the most notorious and well-known equestrian center in all of Howrse.

There are several professions for you to try out, including animal veterinarian, stable boy and riding instructor. Whatever you choose to specialize in, it's important to be a jack of all trades in this online game and keep an eye on all operations, making sure your horses are taken care off at all hours of the day. Only a happy horse will score points and make it possible for you to reach the top of the rankings!

Be prepared for equine adventure with this fun and exciting browser game. It is an absolute must for horse-lovers of all ages. Howrse is now also available as a mobile game for free on iOS and Android devices.

by Kyle Hayth

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