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Hostile Sector
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Hostile Sector Description

Create a platoon of soldiers in this 3D browser strategy game. Take over enemy territory to gain experience and level your soldiers to ensure you have the best troops on the field...


Hostile Sector is a turn-based strategy browser game where you try to take your soldiers to the top and prove you have the best tactics and strategies. The three-dimensional environment provides an exciting ground for you to take part in battles with or against other players.

You can form companies with other players in Hostile Sector to take over enemy territory. Certain land areas will grant you group bonuses which will drastically improve your troops or abilities. There is also a group hierarchy system which allows you to form command structures among the group of players making up the company. By doing so, your troops will also gain experience and better equipment.

Hostile Sector features a persistent game-world. That means, that the game is always online and things are happening even when you aren’t. This adds another element of the game which you must account for and make sure you have adequate defenses before going offline.

As you gain level and experience you can expand your base. Hostile Sector has a fully-customizable play experience and you can develop your base to accommodate your play style. This makes for game-play that is custom tailored to you and allows you to carry out your plans according to you.

Start your platoon and develop it into a fine-tuned combat machine. Team up with others or take them on in a three-dimensional environment. Command a group of other players in a hierarchical command system while gaining group benefits to develop your platoon faster. Hostile Sector is a free-to-play, turn-based browser strategy game where you lead your troops to victory.

by Kyle Hayth

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