Horse Haven World Adventures
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Horse Haven World Adventures
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Horse Haven World Adventures Description

From classic American breeds to crowd favorites such as the Mustang, all different kinds of horses are available to you in this free mobile app. Make your pick, customize your animal companion and win contests as you build a farm and visit the world...


Not everyone has the time and energy to jump into action-packed games after a day of hard work. That’s why Ubisoft has set its goal on catering to a wide array of gamers, whether they consider themselves hardcore, casual, or otherwise. Have you been itching to enjoy the perks of living on the farm and unleashing your inner horse breeder while doing so? Then Horse Haven World Adventures might be the right game for you, as the mobile app offers everything you would expect from a simple simulation game. And by simple we mean laid-back and relaxing with no need to stress over losing your earnings over player-versus-player disputes. Here, you get to take your time and play at your own pace.

A few things are important to know when starting out in Horse Haven World Adventures. First, you will pick an avatar and set up your basic farm. Then, you will face first quests and play through a tutorial that will show you everything there is to know about taking care of horses. Getting through tasks will reward you with experience, a resource needed to gain new levels. You will also receive your fair share of gold coins early on, making it possible for you to purchase new decorations or eventually expand your property. Visit the in-game shop to spice up your equine paradise with hay cars, wooden chairs, or neat little bird houses. Horses are not the only animal companions welcome on your farm, after all!

The most vital part to being a great Horse Haven World Adventures player is, of course, taking care of all the horses that call your barns their home. What is asked of you in this free horse game is the following: Feed, train and groom the horses as if they were your own little babies and soon, you will reach the top ranks of Ubisoft’s mobile game thanks to your tender love and care. Whip out the brush if you notice a horse is starting to look scruffy. Do they seem hungry? Then be so kind as to help them to some hay or fresh apples. This will not only keep them strong and energized for upcoming competitions, but also increase their mood and happiness in this free-to-play simulation game.

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