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Holy War
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Holy War Description

Be taken amidst a bitter religious fuel in the Middle Ages era, fighting either as a Christian Crusader, Pagan or Muslim Saracen. Fight for glory and religion as you head to the battlefield...


This free-to-play browser game takes you into the core of an intense battle for control of the land in the name of religion. Upon registering for the game you must decide whether you will fight for Christianity, Islam or Paganism. You start the game with nine days of the beginners’ premium service, giving you a fair start in the game. You equip your character with various equipment, weaponry and items, and are entered into the midst of an intense war. Each faith has its own unique weapon in the browser-based game Holy War. These can be collected whilst plundering across the vast land in Holy War.

There are several levels of exciting combat available to you in the online role-playing game Holy War, including Order Battles, Holy Battles, Tournaments, Arena battles, Warrior vs. Warrior and plundering. Your warrior has five attributes that are increased as you progress through the game including strength, attack, defense, agility and stamina. With each victorious battle you collect valuable gold and experience points. As you accumulate the points your character will level up unlocking more adventure, combat and rewards.

Explore the various dwellings in the town including the blacksmith, elixir shop, horse stables, the marketplace, the tavern and the mercenary market in the web game Holy War. Trade or purchase various items at the marketplace, and use the items to improve your character and be better prepared for war. You have the opportunity to become employed in Holy War, therefore earning extra cash to reinvest in your warrior. You can join or form your very own order in the browser game Holy War, and launch unprecedented attacks against other orders. Choose your faith and be prepared for the ultimate battle of religion.

by Kyle Hayth

Holy War Screenshots

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