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Hockey Manager
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Hockey Manager Description

Manage your own hockey team in the highest league. With the right strategy, you may have a chance to lead your boys to the very top of the world ranking...


In Hockey Manager, you assume the role of the coach of a hockey team. The challenge is to get your hockey team to the number one spot. You alone decide the best way to do this. The success of your team lies in your hands.

Just like in real life, in Hockey Manager you can buy new players to strengthen your team. The victories you earn with your team will be rewarded with virtual money. If you earn enough money you can, for example, afford to take your virtual team to training camp in order to improve the skills of your players.

In Hockey Manager you take care of the needs of individual player characters, and you’re also responsible for keeping your stadium in shape, obtaining insurance and maintaining an effective marketing strategy.

The game Hockey Manager offers many interesting features, such as real- time browser game calculation, complex statistics, an interactive transfer market, friendly matches and much more.

In the end, it's the whole package that counts. The right tactics are essential to succeed in ice hockey and bring your team to victory in Hockey Manager.

by Kyle Hayth

Hockey Manager Screenshots

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