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Hitman Go
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Hitman Go Description

Agent 47 is at it again in this very first mobile installment of the popular Hitman franchise. Make use of the touchscreen technology to complete missions and assassinate enemy targets. Observe, strategize and strike only when the time is right!


There is something truly fascinating about being a sneaky assassin that can just take out any target they set their sights on. The fascination for this profession is proven every time a new Hitman game comes out on either the PC, consoles or both. Lucky for you, Agent 47 is now ready to also invade the mobile device of your choice, eager to assassinate men and women that deserve to be put six feet under. As is the case with the entire franchise, Hitman Go offers multiple options when it comes to taking out a particular target. Do you want to just charge into the room guns blazing or would you rather try the stealthy approach and make the whole thing look like an accident? The choice is yours.

Hitman Go is available for the iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices. Dozens of unique levels - one more difficult than the next - await you in this mobile game. While you only have to reach the main goal to complete a map, playing through all the available side objectives unlocks additional levels and gives you an idea of what makes the bald and suited agent tick. What are his motives? Why does he choose to eliminate certain targets? These questions will be answered as you make your way through what the turn-based strategy game has to offer.

Yes, you read that right: Hitman Go features turn-based combat. That means that there’s absolutely no need for rash decisions and that you have a little bit of extra time in each round to decide on what to do next. Keep in mind that there is always more than one viable way to reach your target, either through taking out all the bodyguards, creating a distraction or putting on a disguise to get past security cameras and service personnel.

Apart from the usual arsenal of weapons that includes machine guns, sniper rifles and grenades you also have access to your trusted pair of Silverballers. These guns will never let you down - not even in the most difficult puzzles that this mobile game of the popular shooter franchise has to offer.

Hitman Go Screenshots

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Hitman Go News

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