HIT - Heroes of Incredible Tales
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HIT - Heroes of Incredible Tales
What to expect:
  • Free-to-Play Mobile RPG with Gorgeous Graphics
  • Various Game Modes: PvP, Adventure, Tower of Trial
  • Four Playable Characters
  • Daily Challenges in the Daily Dungeon
  • Guild Battles with Many Players
  • Mobile Games
  • Nexon
  • Online Games
  • Apps
  • iOS
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Play HIT – Heroes of Incredible Tales and Overcome Gods

Fight against the core of all evil in the mobile RPG HIT – Heroes of Incredible Tales in order to cast away the darkness and establish peace.


As a courageous warrior, it is your task to overcome all evil and establish peace in the free-to-play roleplaying game called HIT – Heroes of Incredible Tales. The Seraphim Maldin is wreaking havoc in the fantasy world and is trying to ruin humanity. It is up to you to hold your own against this vicious villain. Before you can start your journey in HIT, you will have to select one of four characters. Each one of them features very unique abilities that are suited for a specific position in battle. Hugo carries an enormous sword that can deal massive damage. This makes him the most effective at the very forefront of each battle. Another hero called Lucas is also a melee fighter who is equipped with two smaller swords, which makes him a little bit more agile than Hugo.

Then there’s the heroes who are more adept at ranged combat in HIT – Heroes of Incredible Tales. It makes sense that the mage called Kiki takes a safe distance from her enemies considering that she is not really wearing any effective armor. She possesses various spells with which she can control her environment to attack her opponents. She can cast water dragons or attack monsters with powerful lightning bolts. The fourth warrior is called Anika. She is equipped with a strong scythe with which she acrobatically roams between her opponents.

Battle It Out against other Players in HIT

The free-to-play mobile game features four different game modes. The adventure mode is categorized into various different parts that gradually tell the story behind HIT – Heroes of Incredible Tales. Each region not only features many groups of smaller enemies, but also massive boss fights. You can also prove yourself as a warrior in the Tower of Trial. Master difficult challenges on more than 50 levels that you gradually unlock the more experienced you are. You can also team up with friends to delve into dungeons where you can fight against powerful monsters to collect precious rewards.

You can also fight against other players in HIT – Heroes of Incredible Tales or participate in massive group battles as part of a guild.

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