Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows
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Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows
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Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows Description

Fight monsters, search dungeons and solve the mysteries that lurk around every corner in this free-to-play hidden objects game. Are you the detective this city needs to bring peace back to its streets?


Your friend has gone missing and it’s your job to find her! With a maze of dangerous streets and dark alleyways, who knows what you are going to come across on your journey. Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows is a hidden object game with lots of interesting detective-like quests and missions that involve over 11 characters. The story will take you through a dark and eerie city, where you will come across dangerous monsters and find yourself in spooky dungeons. Have you got what it takes to solve the mysteries that surround the city and save your pal?

You will meet many interesting characters throughout the game, each with their own backstory. Use the information from these characters to help you figure out just what is going on. Be wary though, as some characters might not be as trustworthy as you first thought! Use the items that you find, along with their guidance to help you progress further into the game. If you are familiar with other titles, such as The Secret Society or Mirrors of Albion, then you will know the type of gameplay that is incorporated into this game. However, this mobile title also has a number of mini games that involve interactive gameplay that will see you fighting off monsters and exploring dungeons.

There are over 400 quests for you to embark on. An eye for detail and the mind of a detective will stand you in good stead to completing them all. Use your skills as an investigator to hunt down the important items that will be laden throughout different scenes in the game. Each scene has detailed and immersive artwork, which is not only nice to look at, but makes it all the more difficult to find the items in this hidden object game.

Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows is free-to-play and currently only available on the iPad.

Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows Screenshots

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