HEX - Shards of Fate: Different Resources, Different Colors

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Shards of Fate

Shards of Fate

If you have ever played a match in Magic: The Gathering, the following guide to the various colors of HEX - Shards of Fate will probably sound somewhat familiar. In this free-to-play trading card game, players get to create their own decks by choosing certain set of cards. In order to play something and harass your opponent with spells, minions or artifacts, you need mana.

Here, mana always has a unique color. Your deck will mostly focus on two of those colors, sometimes just one. Keep in mind that each resource reflects your play style and represents a certain strategy in which you like to go up against your opponents. Here’s what you need to know about the color coding in HEX - Shards of Fate:

Purple - Blood Magic

They're ready to torture your mind.

Purple decks tend to be filled with twisted curses, necromantic incantations and corrupted beings. Dabbling in the arts of Blood Magic allows you to mess with your opponent by forcing them to discard their cards, sending troops to an early grave or resurrecting minions that have previously died, only to have them join your side on the battlefield. You will also find yourself sacrificing a handful of your creatures to either restore health or keep your counterpart from winning.

Popular races: Shin’Hare, Necrotic and Orcs

Blue - Sapphire Gems

Easy to play, hard to master.

Decks mostly powered by blue cards consist of actions that will manipulate every party involved in your current match. What does that mean, exactly? Well, blue players tend to trick their opponents by interrupting their actions, counter-attacking and rendering other troops useless. While the Sapphire strategy is known for its weak creatures, they often bring more effective abilities to the table, quickly turning the game around. Decks that heavily rely on blue cards tend to always have board full of flying creatures and a full hand, thanks to the ability to draw additional cards.

Popular races: Dwarves, Humans, Coyotle and Necrotic

Red - Ruby Gems

Offense is the best defense.

In HEX - Shards of Fate, the red represents passion, destruction and rage. Ruby card decks are more than ready to face their opponents head-on and send out troops that would rather cause massive amounts of damage that survive for long periods of time. If you enjoy an aggressive play style, this is your deck to build. Here, troops have only one goal and that’s to annihilate their opponents as quickly as possible, leaving them no choice but to surrender. Red players prefer to ambush enemy champions with direct damage and enjoy quickly going in for the kill.

Popular races: Orcs, Humans and Dwarves

White - Diamond Gems

Licking your wounds has never felt this good.

Do you enjoy drawing out matches and watching your opponent hang his/her head in utter frustration? Then you may opt for a Diamond deck and spend your mana preventing damage and warding off incoming attacks. If all else fails, just use healing spells to restore lost hit points and save your champion from losing the free-to-play game. White players make particularly enduring opponents and excel at knocking out enemy minions. Their troops never come alone, but with allies that inspire (aka buff) them.

Popular races: Coyotle, Necrotic and Humans

Green - Wild Magic

Feel nature in your veins...

Ahh, nature! Green decks are all about gaining control over ferocious beasts and boosting their attributes to become even more menacing. As you play through a quest, a dungeon or a player-versus-player duel, you will see your cards multiply and find their way back into your hand. You play purely on instinct and do what feels right, instead of meticulously planning your every attack. Wild Magic serves the purpose of bringing out the absolute best out of your troops - whether it’s fuzzy little rabbits or giant hydras.

Popular races: Shin’Hare, Coyotle and Elves
Source: Official game homepage, Alpha Phase (November 2013)
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