HEX – Shards of Fate: More than 300 New Cards in Update

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Gameforge and HEX Entertainment can certainly hold their own against the guys and girls over at Blizzard Entertainment. The two studios are proving this once again by releasing a massive content expansion for their online trading card game HEX: Shards of Fate. The update features a whopping 325 new cards that basically reshuffle the pack. As though that wasn’t enough, there are also 105 additional items, 7 special sleeves, 6 extra heroes, a new tournament format, and the “Empower” ability. Sounds like the HEX community will have a plethora of new stuff to explore.

HEX: Shards of Fate

HEX: Shards of Fate

In contrast to the last major expansion which focused on the campaign mode, the new update dedicates itself to the PvP mode. In the “Evolving Sealed Gauntlet” mode, players can put their decks together using common and uncommon cards as well as booster packs. The first and third victory will reward players with additional booster packs.

The new 325 cards focus primarily on the so called “constants” which are comparable to "actions". The major difference is probably that effects remain and cards don’t wind up in the crypt after they have been brought into play. The HEX community will find lots of new strategic possibilities with the update. The new card ability called “Empower” doubles all values of a card. The six newly added heroes are optimal for multi-shard mechanics. The dwarf mage Morgan McBombus and the coyotle cleric Raven Talon will bring fresh wind into the TCG.

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