HEX - Shards of Fate: Frost Ring Arena Coming Soon

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Frost Ring

Frost Ring

Looking for a new challenge other than hunting for bugs and battling other cardslingers in HEX - Shards of Fate? Then Cryptozoic has just the answer for you with the upcoming update. Before long, players will be able to tackle new campaigns and fight boss monsters with the help of spells, minions and items by entering the Frost Ring Arena. It’s time to put together a new deck or dust off some old cards to prepare for this icy PvE adventure! Anyone eager to take on Avalanche Giants or possibly even Hogarth himself should keep an eye out for the Frost Ring button in the menu.

Fight 'em! Fight 'em good!

Players will be tasked to fight the overlord’s champions one by one, using their wits and clever plays to beat even the toughest of enemies within the Frost Ring Arena. Every run will have new surprises in store for both rookie and experienced card players. There’s a few ways to end a current run: Either withdraw and try another time, lose three times or successfully complete all tiers. Participants will be rewarded with snazzy loot for every battle won. This includes gold, cards and equipment pieces which can be used to upgrade one’s gear or simply be sold in the HEX auction house.

Just keep in mind that these opponents have access to unique special powers! Bonus challenges will be thrown as a curve ball within the Frost Ring Arena, so players should be prepared to change their strategy on a whim and adjust to new objectives. That’ll separate the winners from the losers...

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