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HeroSmash Description

In this colorful and entertaining browser based game you create your own super hero or super villain, mastering various super powers with which you bring down your opponents...


HeroSmash is a free-to-play browser game with several exciting features. As a brave superhero or a mischievous villain you roam the colorful and quirky game world, taking on your enemies in real-time combat. The cartoon-like characters in the online game Hero Smash are highly customizable and you can mix and match your super powers to create a unique hero. You decide on your hero's name, gender, hair color, skin color, eye color, armor, equipment, facial features and more.

With a blend of player vs environment and player vs player combat, you can engage in a variety of exciting battles, showing off your bravado, strength and skills. There are a variety of super powers you can master in the online game Hero Smash including Toxic Burst, Molecular Reconstruction, Lazer Eyes, Poison Grenade, Slice and Dice, and more. Combine these and defiantly overthrow your opponents in the fight against evil (or good!). With over 60 monsters and 500 items to collect, the real-time role-playing game HeroSmash provides players with endless opportunities for victory!

The browser based MMOG HeroSmash runs without any downloads, and you are able to log on from any PC and continue your heroic adventure. Network with other players using the special in-game chat system, and share your super hero experiences with your friends and allies. Increase your fame and use that fame to equip your hero or villain with a whole new look in the browser game HeroSmash.

by Kyle Hayth

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