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Herokon Online
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Herokon Online Description

Turn this fantasy world into a safe haven for anyone that has trouble finding a place to call home. Taking on different tasks will not only prove to others how brave you are, but also allow you to reap great rewards and pick up new loot along the way.


Yearning for the good old days has never really helped anyone, right? But sometimes, gamers can’t help but wish back the old-school games they used to play. That's what Silver Style Studios must have though when they started to work on Herokon Online, a browser-based MMORPG that sends you on a trip down memory lane. Here in Aventuria, amidst green meadows and magical realms, you will come across great treasures and loyal companions to help you on your journey. Picking a character will be the first step in trying out this free-to-play title. Three different races are prepared to send their best man or woman forward: Humans, Elves and Dwarves.

The next step in making a name for yourself in Herokon Online is to choose a profession and level up your character. Getting your hands on new equipment will not be easy, but happen as you play through different quests and lend the innocent townsfolk of Aventuria a helping hand. Every race has multiple classes your character can specialize in. Which one you pick is entirely up to you, just keep in mind that each profession comes with a certain play style. Would you rather stay back and shoot down enemy targets from a safe distance? Then you might want to invest your blood, sweat and tears into being a Bounty Hunter or Ranger. Those interested in learning new spells should opt for the Mage, Geode or Spellweaver - no doubt about that! If you wish to master the arts of melee combat, you will probably enjoy the Fighter, Mercenary or Warrior class the most.

Many different missions await you in this fantasy browser game. Completing the majority of them is not only recommended, but also necessary if you want to get ahead and join the ranks of other legendary Herokon Online champions. You will always have access to the so-called Quest Diary to keep track of your current progress and ongoing endeavors in this free-to-play title. Don’t worry about fighting evil creatures like orcs, goblins or minotaurs all by yourself: The game studio behind Herokon Online encourages you to group up with other players and face difficult challenges together.

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