Heroes of Three Kingdoms
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Heroes of Three Kingdoms
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Heroes of Three Kingdoms Description

Players embark on a journey into the past in this client-based fantasy game, journeying across a war torn Ancient China, in the pursuit of restoring peace to the vast empire...


Three powerful leaders, Liu Bei of Shu, Cao Cao of Wei and Sun Quan of Wu, are in a longstanding battle to have ultimate power and control of Ancient China. In the fantasy client game Heroes of Three Kingdoms you must join one of the three factions and lead and inspire a loyal troop of soldiers, guiding them to victory. With a choice of 18 different historical weapons, you equip yourself for bloody battles, striving to bring down your opponents. Fortune favors the brave in this epic MMORPG.

Upon starting Heroes of Three Kingdoms you must first create your hero character. Personalize your hero's name, gender, face shape, hairstyle, body shape, background, and weaponry specialization. Weaponry specialization is done by choosing from a long list of weapons include cleaver, spear, glaive, saber, hooksword, gauntlet, bow, and scepter. Each of these weapons has advantages and disadvantages in combat, so it is important to think strategically when making your selection.

You also have the ability to craft a variety of items in the fantasy MMORPG Heroes of Three Kingdoms, including weaponry and armor forging and potion brewing. After you have reached the second level in Heroes of Three Kingdoms your character can begin skills training special to your chosen weapon. The further you progress in the client game Heroes of Three Kingdoms, the more skilled your character will become, increasing your chances of victory and success.

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