Heroes of the Banner
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Heroes of the Banner
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Heroes of the Banner Description

Have you got what it takes to protect your territory from the forces that wish to pillage from your fellow civilians? Defend your land and your honor in this free-to-play tower defense game about good versus evil. Defeat other players and reign supreme...


Heroes of the Banner is a fun, tower defense game where players must design their defenses to stop an influx of deranged creatures. These foes are attacking your land in the hope to reach the end of a long, winding path where they can then steal from the townspeople and kills the innocent civilians, and it is your task to make sure this doesn't happen! This type of gameplay is similar to other titles like Incoming or Royal Revolt, however, this browser-based game also incorporates RPG elements that will take you through a fantasy story about good versus evil.

Take on the role of a mighty warrior and protect your land against monstrous creatures that seek to destroy it. Your job is fight your way through the increasingly difficult demons who wish to shatter your empire and to rob you of your every penny. Or gold goin, for that matter! Develop a powerful army to stop these foes and craft new and exciting weapons to use against them as they invade more of your beloved Heroes of the Banner cities.

There are many different types of weapons that you can craft, plus different types of defenses you can build to protect your land. The maps in this free-to-play strategy game are such that a long path will run from one side of the land to the other, and your job is to position defense buildings accordingly in order to stop the invading monsters from reaching the other end. Each building is different, from machine gun turrets, to arrow launchers, to flame towers, and each serves a unique purpose in battle.

While the evil creatures begin to invade your land in Heroes of the Banner, your defenses will come into their own and start to kill these ghastly beings. Each kill will give you mana that your characters can then use to unleash devastating attacks on the invaders, such a Sword Strike, which kills enemies by dropping a gigantic sword in their path. Mix and match the characters and the towers to give yourself a more strategic defense and stop those pesky creatures once and for all!

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