Heroes of Newerth
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Heroes of Newerth
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Heroes of Newerth Description

Choose a hero and join your minions in their quest to crush enemy forces. Taking control of the entire map is not as easy as it might seem, as most players have tricks up their sleeves. Defeating your opponent requires learning your foe’s weaknesses.


Heroes of Newerth is a free-to-play multiplayer game that is all about teamwork. In this MOBA-based title you pick a hero that suits you and battle against other teams. Each character has its own backstory and possesses unique abilities that range from Arcance Missiles to Flaming Hammers. Which champion you choose thoroughly depends on your preferred play style.

Similar to games like League of Legends or Dota 2, you have dozens of different heroes at your disposal. If you enjoy attacking from a safe distance, choose a ranged hero. Close combat is more your thing? Pick a hero that is based on strength and uses brute force to destroy someone’s defenses. So-called "supporters" are champions that assist other players in their endeavors. Remember that casting spells or using abilities consumes mana points that can only be restored by drinking potions. Adding magical items to your inventory gives you an advantage over others and significantly heightens your chance of survival.

In each match, two teams fight for the ultimate goal: Destroying the enemy’s base. In Heroes of Newerth, teamwork is key. If you are unsure about the strategy you are using, try challenging bots first. Playing offline gives you an opportunity to venture through unknown territory and helps with getting to know individual heroes. Once you decide to play online, you will have to cooperate with your fellow heroes in order to win. Most abilities are bound to a specific hotkey - learning the quickest way to use your talents effectively usually is the difference between winning and losing.

Currently there are three maps available on which you can duel your opponents. Icy landscapes or green meadows, there are certain buffs up for grabs in every terrain. In Heroes of Newerth, picking up runes will either increase your character’s damage, regenerate hit points or spawn an illusion that is bound to confuse enemy players.

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Heroes of Newerth Videos

  • Heroes of Newerth: Deadlift Joins the Fantasy MOBA

    02/24/2015 08:51 am - A new hero has joined Heroes of Newerth today and it's none other than Deadlight, the Necrofury. This fine warrior will raise the dead, contribute in team fights and push lanes. Watch this spotlight to find out more about the champion's skills...more

  • Heroes of Newerth: Blitz Mode Coming to MOBA

    02/04/2015 04:41 am - A new game mode called Blitz is coming to the free-to-play MOBA. Its main goal? To make Heroes of Newerth as fast-paced, chaotic, and action-packed as possible. According to the video, the new mode will make the regular game look boring...more

  • Heroes of Newerth: Klanx Enters the Fantasy MOBA

    11/21/2013 05:24 am - This ranged hero has not only mastered the arts of summoning minions to aid him in battle, but can also fly over difficult terrain...more

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