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Heroes of Gaia
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Heroes of Gaia Description

Fight for your kingdom! You take on the role of a brave hero and master many exciting adventures. Discover this stunning fantasy world where many dangerous creatures are lurking...


The browser game was developed by Snail Game, one of the biggest game studios in China. According to the developers, Heroes of Gaia is greatly inspired by the popular Heroes of Might and Magic.

In the browser game you slip into the role of a hero who is responsible for the destiny of his kingdom. At the beginning you choose which race you want to belong to - Human, Elf, Orc, Undead. Then you can start creating your own castle. Eventually you need to expand your castle in order to gather more troops, heroes and skills. That's necessary if you want to accomplish anything in Heroes of Gaia.

Don't waste any time to quickly create a huge army. Your gifted heroes will take on the roles of the chief officers. With their help you have the opportunity to explore the area around your castle. You will discover a lot of valuable resources which you should collect. Only with a huge amount of commodities will you be able to promote the expansion of your empire in Heroes of Gaia. Be careful, however, because the resources are usually guarded by grim creatures. If you defeat the monsters, the resources are yours.

Also, there are many tricky quests awaiting you in the game. For example, it is your task to find long forgotten artifacts and take them back to the place where they belong. With each successful mission you gain experience points.

In Heroes of Gaia there are a lot of opportunities for you to prove your fighting skills. You can start, for example, by conquering expeditions, taking part in guild wars or fighting against other players in the arena.

In order to last long in Heroes of Gaia, it's advisable to join a guild. Diplomacy and alliances are important aspects of the game. Also, by joining an alliance you have the opportunity to take part in guild quests.

by Kyle Hayth

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