Heroes of Dragon Age
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Heroes of Dragon Age
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Heroes of Dragon Age Description

Have an entire fantasy universe at your fingertips by downloading this free-to-play mobile game. Are you familiar with the Dragon Age franchise? Then continue your journey. If not, get ready to explore a whole new world full of dark secrets...


The Dragon Age franchise spans various games for both the PC and consoles, so it was only a question of time when EA Games would bring the rich history of Thedas to your iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet. Jump into the roleplaying game for free by signing up an account, explore an immersive fantasy world and get ready to collect hundreds of unique characters that will battle everything from other players to mythical beasts and infernal beings of the underworld.

Leading a party takes courage and a little bit of expertise on how to combine special powers. In this online game, it is recommended to come up with a balanced group of heroes and use their strengths to your advantage. Want someone to absorb most of the damage? Then make sure to put a stone golem at the forefront of battles while more fragile creatures and human champions get to stay back and wreak havoc. As you play through various missions in Heroes of Dragon Age, you collect experience points with which you can level up your characters. Teach them devastating skills or buff their stats: How you customize and advance your band of fearless warriors is entirely up to you. Additional boosts come in the forms of runestones which you will stumble upon from time to time.

You can build up to four different teams and adjust their formations whenever you like. Are you ready to take on other players? Then participate in PvP events and earn yourself banners, trophies and the ultimate bragging rights in this free-to-play mobile game. The more enemy squads you manage to take down, the easier it is to reach various ranks and climb to the top of the official Heroes of Dragon Age leaderboard. While experienced fans of the fantasy franchise will certainly come across plenty of familiar faces and storylines, new players don’t have to worry about feeling lost - there’s a tutorial that will get you started and show you the ropes.

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