Heroes of Camelot: Big New Update Introduces Global Arenas

02/09/2015 05:38 am by William Hankin in NewsCard GamesStrategy

Check out this big new patch for Heroes of Camelot, an RPG style card battling game which takes you into a world ruled by Medieval mythological creatures. It’s an interesting concept, bringing elements of a novel trading card game to a computer title, but this type of gameplay has proven itself to be quite popular, with many successful titles like Hearthstone and Chronicle: Runescape Legends.
The fact that this mobile game is continually seeing these large updates shows it’s a strong contender in the fight for the title of best online card game. Brought to you by Kabam (Kings of the RealmRavenmarch), this free-to-play patch includes a new battle arena, new quests, and better leaderboards.

Heroes of Camelot players that are of level 30 or higher can unlock the Caerleon Champions Tower, where they will encounter increasingly difficult bosses as they make their way to to the top, level by level. There are also new global arenas, allowing for mass PvP battles with players from across the world, which will result in some fierce competition for the top spots on the leaderboard, some of which have also been improved to allow for this new global warfare.
Lastly, there is a new Grail Knight Experience where players of this MMO card battler can quest to improve their Grail Knight level, finding rare cards along the way. There will also be weekly Grail Knight prizes! The higher your Grail Knight level, the better the rewards.

Stay tuned for more Heroes of Camelot news!

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