Heroes of Camelot
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Heroes of Camelot
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Heroes of Camelot Description

Join thousands of other players online to take Camelot back from the evil legend that is the Black Knight. Can you save Camelot from the grips of this abysmal foe and his demonic henchmen?


Heroes of Camelot is a free-to-play card battle game, similar to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, which immerses you into a world dominated by mythical legends, medieval figures, and powerful dragons.The Black Knight has invaded Camelot with the hope of overthrowing King Arthur. Play with thousands of other players online and battle it out to stop this evil monster and his undead warriors.

Nearly a dozen Arthurian lands create the backdrop for epic card battle scenes in which you employ the power of hundreds of minions crafted from your deck. Each card represents a hero which you can use in battle. Evolve your soldiers and their abilities by wielding the power of multiple cards and crafting them into unique warriors with distinct powers. Conjure devastating combos by unleashing the power of rare cards, which you will acquire throughout your Heroes of Camelot journey.

Join teams of online players to take down the largest of foes, including powerful demons and fire-breathing dragons. Each team can use their army's unique skills to unleash a devastating combo of attacks, taking down enemies as a single, unified unit. Form a guild and embark on boss raids in Camelot’s 3D dungeons where you will meet powerful enemies that will require you and your allies' strongest cards. Develop a strategy and fight in PvP battle arenas while showcasing what your heroes have to offer. Once you develop your skills, you will be able to join an alliance and siege enemy castles. Group together with your friends as you enter guild vs. guild battles for power and domination.

This free-to-play online card game, which is available on iOS and Android for mobiles and tablets, will test your skills as a strategist and your ability to lead an army with hundreds of unique warriors. Journey on quests that will take you to the far corners the King's land, governed by Merlin, the wizard, and the marvelous King Arthur himself.

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