Heroes in the Sky
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Heroes in the Sky
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Heroes in the Sky Description

Be taken back to World War II in this exciting third-person shooter online game. Combing elements of PvE and PvP combat, the airborne online game is fast-paced and action-packed...


Scout for dangerous enemies from the hot-seat of your own bomber plane in the client game Heroes in the Sky. Up to 16 players battle it out for victory high in the skies, using missiles, machine guns and bombs to wipe out their opponents. The game takes players back in time to World War II, reliving specific battles in the Pacific in Europe.

There are several different game modes you can play in Heroes in the Sky. These include solo or team Campaign Modes, PvP Attack and Defend Modes, the death match PvP Skirmish Modes, the largescale Occupational War Modes and the rampant Raid Modes. Each provides you with new challenges, opportunities to bring down enemy pilots and the chance for war victory, honor and glory.

There are over 100 war-time planes in Heroes in the Sky, 50 for the Axis and 50 for the Allies. These include Fighters, Gunners, Bombers, Premiums and Avatars. The Fighters are the most common, and are used at the frontline of battle. The Gunners are used as support planes, blasting the enemies with endless ammunition. The Bombers provide ground leveling support and its large hulk can contain numerous bombs. The Premiums are customizable and represent real planes used in WWII. Finally, the Avatars can change appearance, whilst maintaining all the features. Choose your preferred plane, build up a fleet and head to war.

As you earn victories in Heroes in the Sky, you can use the rewards to upgrade your plane, adding weaponry, ammunition and additional features.
Bomb whole cities, sink mighty war ships and explode your enemies high in the sky in the MMOG, Heroes in the Sky.

by Kyle Hayth

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