Heroes and Generals: Churchill Update has Arrived

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Heroes and Generals

Heroes and Generals

The free-to-play strategy-come-FPS game, Heroes and Generals, has just received an update that brings a load of new weapons and features to the game. The “Churchill – Inglorious Guns” update is now live!

Fans of Heroes and Generals normally have to wait a little while between updates. The last large update came back in 2015, when some new tanks and maps were added, which was great news for FPS fans as they had more strategic options and cool vehicles to take down enemies with. This time we have some new weapons to look forward to, along with some cool new weather settings and some brand new camo.

Churchill – Inglorious Guns

This latest update is named after a Mr. Churchill, but not the one you would expect. Jack Churchill was a British Army Officer who fought in the Second World War armed with a sword and longbow. The update includes two new weapons for players to take into battle, although unfortunately there’s no longbow included!

  • Johnson LMG: This is an American Light Machine Gun, which adds another LMG for players to mow down enemies with.
  • P38 Pistol: One of the most iconic WW2 weapons is finally in the game. It’s a German 9mm pistol that is a very trusty sidearm.

If you want a summary of the newest Heroes and Generals update, then check out the developer video blog that has been released below. It shows the new weapons in action and some of the cool new features.

Heroes and Generals is completely free-to-play, and available as a strategy game online, or on your mobile, or as an FPS game in your browser, or as a client. There are all kinds of options for getting involved with this game, so click the button below and head over to the official site to download the game for free.

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