Heroes and Generals
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Heroes and Generals
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Heroes and Generals Description

The Second World War isn’t over by a longshot. The Axis and Allies continue to fight bitter battles for every inch of ground in Europe. You can join in the conflict and help turn the tides for your side


The browser-based game Heroes and Generals is a critically acclaimed title in the realm of first-person shooters. However, the game itself is playable completely in the browser - without having to download any client. That is made possible through the new Retox Engine, which allows players all around the world to experience one of the greatest conflicts in human history. Heroes and Generals lets you become a soldier. There are no preset character classes, meaning you get to decide what path you will take and how you will fight. The more progress you make, the more items and abilities you will be able to unlock. All you need is to perform well and collect resources while striking fear and terror into the hearts of opposing gamers.

Heroes and Generals is made up of three major parts. The largest, of course, being the first-person shooter aspect. This part of the game features various missions and game modes. You have the choice whether you’d rather march into battle on foot or hop in a vehicle while on tour in Europe. From simple, quick skirmishes to full-on battles, there are always going to be plenty of opportunities to channel your inner general.

One particularly special feature in Heroes and Generals is that the developers, Reto-Moto, have not just offered up multiplayer game modes, they also have created a campaign. This is where you will be able to test the waters and work on the perfect battle plan. Here, you are asked to move your troops all through Europe, transport goods and other supplies in order to survive the hardships of war. Should you meet another player on the map, you can choose to switch over to the classic first-person shooter mode. Even if you don't own a PC, you can support your troops because mobile devices are also supported. You can then continue to send your troops much-needed supplies and more, even while on the go.

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