Hero Zero: Christmas Items and Bonuses Available

12/01/2015 11:22 am by Benjamin Robson in NewsBrowser GamesRPG

The free-to-play browser game Hero Zero is getting in on the Christmas action with a new update and special winter bonuses! A new surprise awaits players every day throughout December in Hero Zero.

Christmas in the land of Humphreydale is being sabotaged by an evil villain, and it’s up to the players to stop him and restore peace and happiness to the world. There are loads of cool new items and promotions to take advantage of throughout the whole of the event. There are two new sidekicks in the game, both of which have a festive theme. Pingu and Frosty have been included to join heroes and adventurers wherever they go. On top of this, there’s a load of Christmas themed wearable items such as hats, stockings, boots and robes.

Christmas Bonuses

Between the 7th and 11th of December, some of the daily bonuses will be doubled based on the day of the week. This means there’s twice as much fun to be had on each day.

  • Monday: Double Courage.
  • Tuesday: The Washing Machine can be used twice.
  • Wednesday: Double Energy.
  • Thursday: Goods in the Shop can be renewed twice.
  • Friday: Twice as many Workouts available.

Overall, there’s loads of cool things to get involved in for fans of Hero Zero, so click the button below to head to the official website and play the browser game for free.

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