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Hero Zero
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Hero Zero Description

In the free-to-play browser game Hero Zero you get the chance to become a real hero – without even having to leave your couch! Many important missions and evil villains are awaiting you.


Your heroic career in Hero Zero doesn’t start out quite as expected. Your character is just some lazy bum watching TV and drinking beer all day. This part of your life will soon be over! Instead, you get to meet many people who have some sort of problem. Granted, at the beginning those problems appear to be minor. You will meet kids, for example, whose candy has been stolen or a desperate housewife begging you to chase off that annoying vacuum cleaner selling solicitor.

You take on every villain that crosses your path without fear and soon notice that your missions become more and more challenging. Whenever you successfully complete a mission in Hero Zero, you are rewarded with in-game currency that you can use to improve your hero (or heroine). You have to get rid of that ugly bathrobe as soon as possible and buy clothing that makes you look like a real hero. There’s a variety of clothes and accessories to choose from. The longer you play the more options will be unlocked. Even more important than a stylish outfit are your weaponry and equipment. Can’t hunt down criminal low-lives without tools, can you? Completing quests and missions is also important because you will gain experience. Without experience you can’t increase your hero’s level. New features and items, which can be purchased in the Hero Zero in-game shop, will be unlocked with each new level.

It goes without saying that a hero needs to be fit, both physically and mentally. To keep in shape, you must attend hero training sessions on a regular basis. Otherwise, you’ll simply turn into a fat couch potato once again. You certainly wouldn’t want that. The browser-based online game Hero Zero includes ten different game worlds, full of numerous villains. It’s up to you to clean up the streets and impose law and order once and for all.

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