Hello Kitty Online
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Hello Kitty Online
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Hello Kitty Online Description

Join this wonderful world of one of the most popular kittens of all times. The online game takes you into the Sanrio world where you meet Kitty and her friends. But, there are also monsters waiting...


The free client-based game Hello Kitty Online gives you the opportunity to influence the destiny of the little kitten and play together with other Kitty fans.

All you need to do to start playing is to register, download the program for free and install it to your computer. Then, you simply go to the game page and type in your log in name and password. Afterwards you jump right into Sanrio Town - Hello Kitty's hometown.

Now you can start by creating your character. You alone decide what you want to look like. You pick the colour of your hair, choose a hat, facial features, clothes and the item you want to hold in your hands.

Many adventures await you in Hello Kitty Online. First, of course, there are a lot of evil monsters you have to defeat. But if you don't feel like fighting you can also dig for minerals, explore nature or look for delicious fruits and berries. Discover strange cities and have fun with many funny mini games you'll find on the way.

It goes without saying that you not only meet Kitty herself but also her lovely friends. Pochacco, Badtz-Maru, Dear Daniel and many other cute creatures cannot wait to become friends with you. They have quests in store for you which you need to fulfill. If you succeed you earn precious experience points and might even get little gifts.

You also have the opportunity to own a pet. For example, if you defeat a monster you can keep it afterwards. To have a pet in Hello Kitty Online is not only more fun, but it might also help you solving your quests more easily.

by Kyle Hayth

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