Hellgate Global: The Portal Opens for Players to Join the Open Beta

06/27/2011 05:27 am in News

Publisher T3 Entertainment has announced that the Open Beta testing phase of Hellgate Global will begin on Thursday, June 30th. Not only is the Open Beta launching, but two new game modes will be coming with it as well – the PvP Duel Area and zombie-infested Cow Room!
Hellgate Global

Hellgate Global

The Cow Room, which may sound innocent and full of bovine love, is anything but that. In fact, the Cow Room in Hellgate Global will be filled with brain-loving zombies. The two different kinds of zombies, mummified and not, will be trying to kill you at any cost and their leader must be slain. In order to access this new area, you will first have to craft the key from a special recipe.

For those players who like to duel, the new Duel Area in Hellgate Global will allow you to do just that. Take on others from around the world in four different areas, each with a nice, apocalyptic theme. The winning team will be rewarded with PvP points which can be used to purchase new, powerful items and gear.

In addition to the new content, there are going to be some events to help kick off the Open Beta testing phase of Hellgate Global. The Guild Reservoir event encourages players to work together as a team and guilds with 30 or more players have the opportunity to earn great rewards such as nano shards and Palladiums. The Daily Supplies event will reward you for logging in and once a day, you will have the opportunity to choose from four great items. The last two events, To Level in Hell and Level and Be Rewarded, will reward you for working hard and leveling your character.

Source: Game homepage
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