Heavy Metal Machines
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Heavy Metal Machines
What to expect:
  • Action packed 4-vs-4 matches
  • Various vehicles to choose from with specialized skills
  • Three classes (support, interceptor, transporter)
  • Tons of upgrade options
  • Download Games
  • Online Games
  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • Sports
  • Racing
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Play Heavy Metal Machines For Free and Dominate the Arena!

Get ready to be thrust into the post-apocalyptic world of Heavy Metal Machines where only the most deadly and destructive will win!


The apocalypse has come and gone and destroyed everything. Only the powerful Heavy Metal Machines are left and it’s up to you to choose your car, customize it and battle against teams of four in this MOBA, free-to-play world. In this online game, you control the only thing left in the wake of the apocalypse: cars programmed for utter destruction. Forget gasoline, your customized death machines run on pure adrenaline!

In the action-packed online game Heavy Metal Machines, there are twelve different characters (i.e. machines) that you can choose from to fight with in the arena. Each car you choose has specific skills to bring to the fight, and you must decide on the best strategy along with your three teammates. Make a choice between transporter, interceptor, or support. What will you choose to survive?

Upgrade Your Heavy Metal Machines and Destroy Your Enemies!

With your team of three other players, you have one objective in Heavy Metal Machines: capture and transport a bomb from the center of the map and deliver it to the base of your enemy. With a different track for every team, your job is to stop the others from delivering their bombs. Intercept and quickly flee from your enemy with your nitro-drive! In MOBA style, use your ability to change angles and hide, but ultimately deliver destruction in your vehicles.

In this PvP free-to-play game, you will be able to eventually upgrade your Heavy Metal Machines with stronger weapons, improved tires, aerodynamic casing, and become the ultimate champion. Use missiles and lasers in airborne fights to directly attack your 4x4 opposing teams, or use MOBA-style fleeing and hiding techniques to evade your enemies, lure them into an ambush and destroy their cars. Deliver destruction in your customized Heavy Metal Machines!

Heavy Metal Machines Screenshots

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