Heavy Gear Assault
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Heavy Gear Assault
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Heavy Gear Assault Description

Do you crave pure mech-action? In Heavy Gear Assault, you will find mechanic behemoths to your heart’s content!


Welcome to the Heavy Gear Universe

The Heavy Gear franchise has been around for quite some time. The original game was first published in 1994. Since then, tactical wargames, roleplaying games, and even combat card games based on the brand have been released. More than 20 years after the release of the first Heavy Gear installment, the franchise is back - this time as a free-to-play download game for PC.

Heavy Gear Assault is set on the distant planet Terra Nova where you will face numerous action-packed battles against other mech pilots. As a mech pilot, you are seeking fame and glory. In the download game which was developed with the Unreal Engine 4, you will constantly customize your robotic vehicle in order to improve its abiltities in combat. Your fights can be witnessed by other players and you can even participate in major tournaments. If you want to succeed in Heavy Gear Assault, you will need two things: you need proper skills and a firm resolution to destroy all other mechs in the game. Only then will you come out on top in this action game.

Heavy Gear Assault uses a first-person point of view. This allows you to fully immerse yourself into the game. You really feel like you are in the midst of every battle and have a direct influence on their outcome. If you want to check out what other players are up to, you can easily switch into spectator mode and watch other players battle it out against each other. You can even sponsor your favorites and receive a nifty reward if they end up winning.

There are various game modes in Heavy Gear Assault including the following:

  • Capture the Flag
  • Deathmatch
  • Team-Deathmatch
  • Domination

Explore a Profound Plot

There’s more to Heavy Gear Assault than its multiplayer modes. The fighting game also features singe-player content that repeatedly puts you into challenging situations. Explore a thickening plot and uncover all of its secrets.

Heavy Gear Assault Screenshots

Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-0Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-1Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-2Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-3Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-4Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-5Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-6Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-7Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-8Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-9Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-10Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-11Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-12Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-13Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-14Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-15Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-16Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-17Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-18Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-19Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-20Heavy Gear Assault Screenshot-21

Heavy Gear Assault News

  • Heavy Gear Assault: Enters Early Access Phase

    08/10/2015 04:58 am - In the wake of gamescom, Canadian development house Stompy Bot Productions have announced that their upcoming free-to-play PC mech title, Heavy Gear Assault, has started its early access phase. It coincides with a lift of the action game's NDA (non-d...more

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